Waterloo Gin

Waterloo Gin

A Gin as Big as Texas

Waterloo Gin is crafted in the New Western style, allowing the locally sourced botanicals to shine.

Waterloo Gin is bottled at 94 proof and has a unique citrus flavor and aroma, mainly due to the addition of lemon and orange peels to the botanicals. Waterloo includes juniper, coriander, anise and other characteristic botanicals often found in traditional gins.

To add to Waterloo’s distinctive style, we then incorporate lavender, citrus zests and pecans, all indigenous to the Texas landscape.


NOSE — The aroma is initially floral, with the lavender component combining well with the citrus overtones
PALATE — An anise flavor throughout the middle, with a strong juniper base
FINISH — Leading to hints of pecan, lavender and a smooth finish

COCKTAIL RECIPES made with Waterloo Gin