Graham's Texas Tea

Graham's Texas Tea

Steeped in the Heart of Texas

Using all natural ingredients, we have created a smooth, distinctly flavorful take on a well-known product. Our Graham’s Texas Tea stands out among an abundance of overly sweet, generic tea spirits.

We start with superior vodka that is five times distilled and five times filtered for a clean taste. The bold, tangy tea flavor comes from the steeping of Nilgiri tea leaves that are imported from the Saleen district of India. The final ingredient is our house-made, cane sugar sweetener that uses no artificial flavorings and no high fructose corn syrup.

One taste will prove that Graham’s Texas Tea sets the standard in this category.


NOSE — Deep, rich tannins appear on the front, warm and enticing
PALATE — A light sweetness, not overbearing, heightens the overall sensation
FINISH — A clean finish with no burn