The Distillery

Treaty Oak Distilling is named for the majestic 500-year-old oak where Stephen F. Austin signed a border agreement in the 1830s, and it symbolizes the strength and longevity of our products.

No matter what we make, two things are consistent: we meticulously select the best ingredients for our products, and we adhere to stringent aging processes and distilling methods to ensure a high-quality finished product. Our spirits are born of science and experience, created in custom made pot and column stills with our own unique distillation process. We continually test new recipes and try new processes to create amazing spirits that we think you’ll love.

Our new facilities are located on a 30-acre in Dripping Springs and feature a state-of-the-art distillery capable of increasing production, allowing us to continue to expand nationally. Our new home is also a food and beverage destination, including a tasting room, cocktail house, and our own food truck. Come out for delicious bites and sips, as well as fun education sessions, tours and events.

Daniel Barnes

Founder, Treaty Oak Distilling Co.

Daniel Barnes - Founder, Treaty Oak Distilling Co.

Born and raised in Texas, founder of Treaty Oak Distilling, Daniel Barnes, grew up with parents who owned a restaurant & motel, The Navaho Inn, in the small town of Menard, Texas. Inspired by their work ethic and seeing the rewards and gratification they gained from running their own business, Barnes decided to start his own endeavor.

He attended the University of Texas in Austin, and during that time worked in a variety of jobs in the hospitality industry. He received his sommelier training at the Four Seasons in downtown Austin, where he greatly expanded his knowledge in food and beverage industry. Around 2004, Barnes noticed that there were virtually no distilleries in Texas. Already a home brewer, he developed an interest in spirits, and through copious amounts of research and trial and error, he was able to hone his distilling skills. With his entrepreneurial spirit, Treaty Oak Distilling was born.


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